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Doug Levitt

Calgary artist Doug Levitt paints Western art and Native/cultural paintings. For the past decade, Doug’s work has been juried into the Calgary Stampede’s Western art show each July. His paintings can also be seen at the Calgary Hyatt Regency art show with Reflections West Art, and the Keynote show in downtown Calgary. Contact Doug Levitt for commissioned portraits, landscape paintings, and Native and Western art.

“I believe that painting is a calling – because of this, I am constantly inspired to strive for whatever level of skill I can muster to honour that calling. I think an artist needs to feed their soul and challenge their skill level by painting everything around them so they can learn the art of painting as deeply and as well as possible, by believing in themselves and in other artists, by kicking judgment and other bad attitudes out of the heart and mind because they only restrict creative energy. But most of all, I think painting should be a source of joy for the artist and the viewer alike. At least, that’s what I tell myself until I face another blank canvas… and then it’s just a battle for survival against a sea of doubt and fear. ‘Welcome to the life of an artist,’ I tell myself.”


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